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When it comes to online marketing, classified ads can be very effective and affordable. The answer lies in the amount of time you are willing to spend creating, posting, updating, and deleting your ads. When you sell a product or service, replying to interested parties, providing goods or services, and maintaining high customer service standards can all take a great deal of time.

Advertising your business through classified ads can be a good way to promote your business. There are, however, some steps that you can take to make this campaign work. Consider these tips:

Classified Ads and Niche Marketing

Choosing sites that are highly specific can be a particularly effective method of attracting targeted traffic to your free classified ads. You can place your ad on a site dedicated to gifts, for example, if you own a company that provides creative and unique baskets. It won’t work for you if you own a used car dealership, however. 


Your ads can certainly be turned into high traffic magnets if you use a lot of different approaches. There is now an obvious reason why there is so much stress on placing links over specific keywords in your classified ads. The clicks generated through these links improve the chances that the site will appear in Google or other search engines.

Add a Call To Action

Making classified ads isn’t about getting people to buy your products, but about getting them to react to the ads. It is indicative of the success of the ad that a few customers called, emailed, or visited your store after viewing the advertisement. Since you have already earned their trust, it is in your best interest to upsell products they will love, thus closing more sales. This easy trick only requires that you write ‘Email us today’, ‘Contact us now’, or ‘Visit our store today’.

Don’t digress

If you use direct, short language in your classifieds in print or online, you’ll attract more readers. Your ads should start in a clever way in order to spark the interest of your audience. You can offer free gifts or limited-time discounts, for instance. As a result, you’ll catch their attention and inspire them to read the rest of your copy.

It Should Be Concise and Short

Most online and print newspapers charge based on the number of words in the ad. Don’t bury yourself in words, but be concise and clear. This would help you retain the customers as most people avoid ads that are too lengthy. If you want to save space in your copy, you can abbreviate common words. This will help you achieve more while spending less.

Hire SEO service

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to optimize a website so that it has the best chance of driving traffic and achieving great returns. By using this service, you will be able to increase the visibility and accessibility of your classified website by having it near the top of the SERPs. The SEO process involves promoting a website using different tools, such as keywords and links, in such a way that it can be targeted at a huge number of users. Your traffic can increase significantly if you choose to have SEO working for you.

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